The agenda provides for the implementation of projects that are bold, unobvious, combining various fields of art and aesthetics, and that are following one of the most important mottos we use in the TJK Theatre: it is intended to be ‘a theatre of many voices and various perspectives’. 

In response to the challenges we face nowadays, we want to create the environment for explorations and drive explorations towards new, even more open, theatrical forms. We need the sense of community, the sharing of emotions and a platform to re-establish our post-pandemic and post-climate world. We need a more intensive dialogue between creators, the audience and theatre as an institution. We want to create space for common actions, unobvious projects and unrestricted artistic freedom, while maintaining professional quality. We are certain that the radical face of reality requires the reformulation of the principles of theatre-making as known to us. This is the origin of the three-year programme designed for the Modelatornia. 

The Triennale is a sort of anti-festival, a tool to react to what is currently the most important in the processes we are witnessing and in the flux of change that has become a part of our daily life. This is also an attempt to redefine the existing role of theatre as a public institution and to extend the rules of its functioning.

THE TRIENNALE means: residency programmes, fully-fledged productions, interdisciplinary projects, readings, concerts, debates, conferences, performative exhibitions, participatory projects.

This is also an invitation addressed to independent artists or artists involved in other fields of art to cooperate with us. To express our solidarity, we want to make the Modelatornia available to selected independent artistic groups and to guarantee them technical and publicity-related support. We believe that not only will this cause a creative stir, but also it will lead to the professionalisation of independent theatre, at least to some extent.
We count on our institutional allies and our community, and we hope that we are not the only ones who are willing to cooperate, regardless of our differences.

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Dofinansowano z budżetu państwa - ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego oraz budżetu Województwa Opolskiego w ramach projektu V Konkurs na Projekt Teatralny MODELATORNIA nawiązujący do idei artystycznych Jerzego Grotowskiego.


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